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Fundraising for Blues Angel Music Foundation

Big Jerk Soda and Lensea Film have joined forces to give back to the Pensacola Arts community. We are banding together with our friends to raise money for causes we believe in through the vehicle of co-creating a unique soda that is graced by the soda making goodness of Ryan's guiding light, Dave. This years event is in support of Blues Angel Music Foundations "Bring Back The Rhythm" campaign. They will be purchasing a collection of MP3 players in which they will load familiar music too for Dementia patients to assist in memory recall. 

Music therapy is a valuable approach for enhancing the well-being of dementia patients. Despite cognitive decline, the brain's response to music remains intact. Music triggers emotions, activates memories, and synchronizes with brain rhythms. This therapy promotes emotional connection, triggers autobiographical memories, and facilitates social interaction. The benefits include maintaining cognitive function, improving communication, managing behavioral symptoms, and fostering meaningful connections, ultimately leading to a better quality of life for dementia patients.

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Meet Nan

Nan Destafney, the founder of Blues Angel Music Foundation tells us about the foundation and mission.

Our Story

The Big Jerk and Lensea teams have always been searching for a way to give back to the community that gives so much to them. This idea came about organically as we realized our goals of philanthropy aligned and that we all wanted to do it a little differently. The goal of this event is to create a fundraising community of artists that can come together on a central theme in service of an organization that supports the arts. We wanted to create a fundraiser for artists, by artists, that doesn't carry the baggage of a networking opportunity or expectation of a big donation. This event is just as much about coming together as a community as it is about raising funds. Our goal is to create a space for celebration of the arts and to inspire community support for the artisans and artists we know and love. So, we decided to write a story, co-brand a soda, shoot a silly promo to promote the soda, and come together for a night of fun and celebration of Blues Angel Music.

Last year we were honored to be joined by so many wonderful artisans and artists alike. All of which will be joining us again this year to sell food, drinks, and art in which all proceeds will go to the foundation. From the artists, to the venue, to the staff, everyone has donated their time and energy to make this event possible.

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This Years Partners

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